Saturday, November 28th

Back to normal today.   Classes at 8 and 9.  Child care available


A) Back squat de-load (maxing out on Monday!)

  • 3×6-55%

B) 1 RM weighted pull up


Team WOD

20 min amrap

  • in teams of 4
  • 1. 100 M sled pull/drag (down 50 pull, back 50 drag) 160/115 plus sled weight
  • 2. ME row for meters
  • 3.  “Cindy” amrap
  • 4. Rest


Each team member will be at a station.  When the sled pull/drag teammate gets back, he will relieve the rower, the rower will relieve the teammate at Cindy(picking up where they left off), Teammate at cindy station will go to rest until the team mate at the sled gets back.  Continue in that order for 20 min.  Score is goal meters rowed and total rounds Cindy.