november 18, 2021

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CrossFit Queen Creek – CrossFit


2:00 Pigeon Stretch/ Side Then,

AMRAP 7 Minutes

3 Devils Press 40s/25s 12 Walking Lunge Steps

Metcon (No Measure)

Toes to Bar Skill

1×5 Kipping Knee Raise (ball focus)

2×5 Kipping Knee Raise + Feet out in front/ straighten

1×5 Knee Raise + Kick + Feet straighten out in front

1×5 Toes to Bar, increasing height
Stimulus: Technique Rest: As needed

Coach Focus: One of our main goals at TMF is to help you teach your athletes how to move better, which is why we put skill work into class as a major portion of your class experience.

Metcon (Weight)

Every Minute for 24 Minutes, alternating movements (8 rounds)

– 8 Devil’s Presses 50s/35s

– 15 Toes to Bar

– Rest
Feel: Muscular Overload Pacing: Reach/Sustain

Target Score: Finish all 8 Rounds with appropriate modifications if needed

Firebreather Score: Finish all 8 Rounds as written


– DP: Reduce weight before reps. Some athletes will require 1-2 fewer

reps to finish all 8 sets.

– T2B: 1-3 Sets. Reduce reps for less proficient athletes, but keep in

mind the following minute is a rest station.

Coach Focus: For many, this workout will essentially be 2 minutes of work followed by 1 minute of rest. Push your athletes to move faster than they want to, especially on the Devil’s Presses. Slow Devil’s Presses won’t get it done today.

Metcon (Time)

10 5-yard Shuttle Sprints

Rest as needed to repeat a maximal effort each time – likely 2-4 minutes.

Set up two cones that are 5 yards apart. Start at one cone, and go out and back 10 times AFAP.