may 26, 2022

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CrossFit Queen Creek – CrossFit


AMRAP 5 Minutes

8/6 Calorie Machine

8 Jumping Lunges

8 Scap Push Ups

50’ Light Farmer’s Carry

Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM 10 Minutes, alternating movements:

– 10 Banded Strict Pull Ups

– 10 Push Ups

Pull Ups: Use a band that allows for FAST reps. Athletes may start with a lighter band and increase band thickness as needed.

Push Ups. Use a band if needed to allow perfect form and fast reps. Athletes who can confidently hit 5 sets of 10 fast reps should add a deficit.

Metcon (Weight)

AMRAP 13 Minutes

12/10 Calorie row or ski

50′ Farmers Carry (athletes may pick their own weight/strategy)

Score is pounds moved (weight used multiplied by number of rounds)

Metcon (Weight)

sumo deadlift

5×3 AHAP