march 9, 2022

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CrossFit Queen Creek – CrossFit


3 Steady Rounds

12 DB Front Rack Lateral Squats

10 Hanging Knee Raises

12 Jump Squats

Front Squat

On a 9 Minute Clock:

Build to a Heavy Pause Front Squat

*3 Second pause at bottom of squat Bar taken from the rack.

Metcon (Time)

For Time Alternating full rounds with a partner

20 Rounds

8 Toes to Bar

200′ Odd Object Carry

*Odd Object Options: Sandbag :100/70lbs or less Plate: 55/45lbs

Kettlebells/Dumbbells: 70s/50s

630Pm Weightlifting


Banded Glute Activation Steps, performed while in the bottom of a squat position, 10 reps in each direction (left, right, forward, backward) + 5 squats after each direction.

Then, 2 Rounds of:

8 Empty Bar Strict Press

8 Empty Bar Front Squats

5 Perfect Split Jerks

Then, 2 Rounds of:

– Tall Clean Warm Up, 2 reps at each position

– 4 Hang Squat Cleans


7×2 @ 80-85%

drop and reset

JERK final rep

Metcon (Weight)

4x :20 second weighted front squat holds AHAP

5×15 v-ups