february 18, 2022

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CrossFit Queen Creek – CrossFit


1:00 Squat Hold

1:30/Per Leg – Dragon Pose


2 Rounds

20 Hang Squat Cleans Empty Bar 2:00 Machine

Squat Clean

EMOM 6 Minutes

1 Squat Clean @ 60%+

Start at 60% and add weight (10-20lbs) each round, ending at 80-90% of what you hope to hit in 18.2a.

Do not miss – focus on quality as you build.

Crossfit Games Open 18.2 (Ages 16-54) (Time)

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps

for time of:

Dumbbell squats 50/35 lb

Bar-facing burpees

-12 minute time cap

– If you finish under the time cap, use remaining time to complete 18.2a

– If you don’t finish before the time cap, add 1 second for every rep you don’t complete before the time cap

Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM 12 Minutes, rotating movements:

– 15/12 Calorie AAB

– 1 Set of Strict HSPU

– 15/12 Calorie AAB

– 1 Set of Kipping HSPU

Goal is for athletes to perform more reps in kipping HSPU than strict. Reps should drop off slightly in rounds 2 and 3.

– AAB: 18/14 Calorie Row/Ski/C2 Bike, should be a challenge amount of calories to

complete within the minute

– SHPSU: Modify to kipping HSPU or Seated DB Strict Press

– Kipping HSPU: Modify to DB Push Press

Coach Focus: We are choosing to prioritize the metabolic component in today’s workout which is why coaches will see the modification for kipping HSPU as DB Push Press. Coaches should tell athletes to expect more reps in the kipping/push press portion of the workout vs. the strict HSPU/strict press portion. Coaches must also ensure that athletes can reasonably reach to finish their calorie amount for all 6 sets of calories.