Total Body Fitness


Starts June 5, 2017
Monday - Friday at 9am
One hour classes

Total Body Fitness is our newest program designed for all levels of fitness to help you get in the best shape of your life. Total Body Fitness combines the best variety of classes for maximum results. Five days a week you will be introduced to new  movements and workouts to burn fat and get toned. Find the new You at Total Body Fitness.

Total Body Fitness is not CrossFit, but you may be introduced to movements utilized in CrossFit programming.

Monday – Xtreme Cardio with Coach Becky
Xtreme cardio is a format proven to burn more fat than traditional cardio ever could. Guaranteed to keep your heart beating hard for the whole hour!
Tuesday – Functional Movement with Coach Ben
Our functional movements class will take you from uncoordinated to athlete! Learn foundational movements to help you live a better life, all while getting your sweat on and burning that unwanted fat!
Wednesday CORE gymnastics with Coach Janalyn and Coach Jenna
Our gymnastics class will have you doing back hand springs in no time… Just kidding. Core work and body weight movements are the primary focus of this class. Get coordinated and trim down your waistline at the same time.
Thursday Posterior Chain with Coach Kristina
Posterior chain is a favorite amongst members and is often referred to as “baking cakes”. the focus of this class is exclusively about building a nice round derriere!
FridayToning and sculpting with Coach Marianne
Light in the weight department, but high in intensity! With a wide variety of full body toning movements, there is no doubt you will feel the burn for days!

Body Composition testing and Nutrition coaching are available upon request

Total Body Fitness
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